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IM 2023

Your lab is evolving. And so are we.

IM 2023 brings a reimagined user experience to our valued customers with the introduction of DI Gateway, our completely modernized web-based framework. IM 2023 also introduces the first in a new generation of web-based apps offered in the DI Gateway – Test Properties. 

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  • Increased Cybersecurity
  • Simplified setup of reference ranges
  • Reduced need for complex rules writing
  • Searchable test list
  • Standardization of test-result flags
  • Flexible delta flagging

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ReIMagine your IM experience.

Introducing the DI Gateway

The DI Gateway is a completely new way to experience IM applications in a web-based framework . The DI Gateway offers a modernized and user-friendly interface designed for efficient workflows.
IM 2023 DI Gateway (3)
Test Properties app example

Test Properties saves time and increases productivity with:

  • A more streamlined setup of reference ranges for autoverification
  • Reduced need for manual writing of complex rules
  • A searchable test library

New InterSystems IRIS® data platform

IM 2023 also provides improved cybersecurity and performance through Instrument Manager’s new InterSystems IRIS® data platform. Enabling world-class cybersecurity to protect business continuity and patient care is critically important to our purpose at DI. We strongly encourage all IM customers to upgrade for the strongest security posture.

IM 2023 Cybersecurity

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