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Instrument Manager Fundamentals Self-Paced Course

Set your lab up for success.

Intended for professionals responsible for building and administering new IM installations, this course teaches everything from mapping and configuring your instrument connections to time-saving troubleshooting.

After completing 16 self-paced lessons, you’ll be able to:

  • Acquire device-specific drivers
  • Create device configurations and connections
  • Manipulate test code, error code, fluid code and instrument ID mapping
  • Perform basic system troubleshooting
  • Access online user guides
  • And more!

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Train at Your Own Pace

The Instrument Manager Fundamentals Self-Paced Course is available for 45 days so that you can train on-demand in the time and setting that best suits your needs.

This course does not qualify for Continuing Education Credits.

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Ready to take control of your lab with the IM Fundamentals Course?