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Lab GPS™

Navigating lab uptime with ease

Lab GPS™ is built to improve uptime with lab connectivity monitoring, control, and notifications. Offered to all Instrument Manager™ connectivity customers, Lab GPS brings the power of our industry-leading vendor-neutral solution outside the four walls of the lab.  

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  • Minimize costly lab downtime
  • Improve patient care by delivering timely patient test results
  • Enable your lab staff to monitor, stop, start, and resolve instrument connection issues – even remotely – without having to add to IT’s burden

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Minimize costly lab downtime and improve patient care by:

  • Providing visibility to the lab of any service disruptions
  • Allowing limited first-step troubleshooting prior to engaging IT
  • Expediting and simplifying IT troubleshooting
  • Enabling remote stop and restart of connections from anywhere
  • Delivering timely patient test results
Lab GPS workflow
1. Receive automated email notifications of downed connections
2. Log in to Lab GPS from your web browser;
stop and restart downed connections
3. Stopping and starting the connection can in some cases resolve the downed connection

Key Features of Lab GPS

  • Enterprise Lab Monitoring. Monitor all LIS and instrument connections across lab sites from a single dashboard, for connections routed through Instrument Manager™.

  • Downtime Recovery. Reduce critical lag time between knowing and acting on system and infrastructure issues that affect the lab.

  • Connection Control. Easily stop and start connections to resolve connectivity interruptions in the lab, even while off-site.

  • And much more... 

Lab GPS Screen Shot

Your lab. Your way.

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As a large enterprise, we average two incidents per day resolved through a simple bounce of the interface.  Each results in approximately 20 – 30 minutes of impact including lab staff, instrument, and IT.  Empowering lab staff to attempt to resolve themselves through Lab GPS will reduce cost to the institution.

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